Determinism Within The Practice Of Astrology


Determinism within the Practice of Astrology
This docum ent is a request for your thoughts on fate and determ inism
within your astrology. It is an academic survey conducted
by Bernadette Brady in regard to her doctoral studies at
Bath Spa University, UK.
Could you please take 15 minutes to complete this survey.
As a thank you for your time I can, once I receive your completed survey
I will email you a special report on the results of your survey answers
). I am sure will give you some insights into some of
(example shown below
your own astrological
Additionally apart from learning
some things about yourself you will
contribute to this global research
The survey will take you about 15 - 20 minutes and you can
return it posting to Bernadette Brady, PO Box 168, Fishponds,
Bristol, BS16 5ZX, UK


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