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The House Honorary Page Program operates during the legislative session from February to
the first of June in the odd-numbered years and in February and March of even-numbered years. An
honorary page serves for one day only and may not repeat as a page in the same session.
Page service is a unique honor with a rich history dating back to medieval times. Page
programs are found today in most state legislatures though duties vary from state to state. Serving as
a page, you will learn about the legislative process and get to see, firsthand, the House of
Representatives in action as well as having the chance to become familiar with the Oregon State
Capitol Building and its rich history.
Minimum age of 12 years old and appropriate level of maturity to work independently
Completed Application; including written or typed Statement of Interest.
The Honorary Page Coordinator will send out a written confirmation of the date and time of
your visit. The House schedules only a limited number of pages on any one day, meaning your
visit date may be a few weeks away.
Dress Code:
Comfortable dress shoes are a good idea (no flip-flops) as you will be standing and walking
quite a bit. Dress appropriately to the occasion and decorum of the House. Clean and modest
clothing are a must, and slacks and a collared shirt and ties are a very good choice.
Absolutely no shorts, jeans, or t-shirts are permitted. Short or tight skirts not permitted
as well.
A typical day for an honorary page is from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM with an hour for lunch. Pages
are on their own for lunch. There are restaurants close by the capitol as well as a café located
in the basement. More details on hours, duties, and dress will be sent after your acceptance
into the program.
I understand the above information and agree to allow my child to participate in the
House of Representatives Honorary Page Program. I further understand that the
students will not necessarily be supervised during the assigned lunch hour.
Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________Date: ____________
Student Signature: __________________________________________Date:____________
You can scan the application and statement of interest and e-mail to:
OR – mail to: Brian Fenderson, Honorary Page Coordinator, House of Representatives,
900 Court Street, Salem, Oregon 97301
OR – Fax to: 503-986-1876 Attn: Brian Fenderson.


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