Form-It - Montana Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher


You can help us maximize savings on processing costs by removing your check stub and by not
stapling or taping your voucher to your check or tax return.
If you are sending us a check, complete the Form-IT Payment Voucher below. When fi lling out your
voucher, please print using black or blue ink. Please do not type or use dollar signs. Please print your
numbers in the blocked area of your vouchers like this:
Line 2 shows the last day of the tax year your
payment applies to.
Why not e-pay?
Line 3 is for your social security number (SSN).
See your options at
Line 4 is the amount of your payment. Round to
the nearest dollar.
Montana Individual Income
Please use this voucher to ensure proper credit of
your payment. Also, write your social security number
Tax Payment Voucher
and tax year on your check.
Why not e-pay? See your options at
1. Current Year
Name ______________________________
Phone Number ___________________
12 31 2011
2. Period Ending Date
3. SSN
Department of Revenue
PO Box 6308
4. Amount Paid
Helena, MT 59604-6308


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