Ut Law Loan Repayment Assistance Program Application Form


UT Law Loan Repayment Assistance Program
You may apply for a LRAP loan and for forgiveness of a prior LRAP loan on a single
application. This application is for (check one or both):
A LRAP loan
The forgiveness of a LRAP loan
Use this application beginning on December 10, 2009.
The UT Law Loan Repayment Assistant Program provides financial assistance to graduating
students with educational debt who enter qualifying public service, beginning with the Class of
2008. The LRAP provides program participants with funds semi-annually in the form of one or
a series of forgivable loans. Participants must use these funds to make payments toward their
outstanding law school educational loans.
Participants must remain in qualifying employment and meet the other program requirements for
an initial period of two years before LRAP loans received during those two years will be
forgiven; subsequent LRAP loans will be forgiven on a semi-annual basis. Participants are
required to sign a Promissory Note prior to receiving LRAP funds, setting forth their obligations
to repay program loans that are not subsequently forgiven.
You must apply within two years of graduation, or within three years of graduation if you
accepted a judicial clerkship or a public interest fellowship immediately following graduation.
Please submit the application below and clearly label all supporting documentation.
Applications will be not processed until all required documents are received. You are
encouraged to notify the William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law if you are not
able to provide a complete application by the appropriate deadline.
Applications to receive LRAP loans are accepted and processed on a rolling basis.
Each application to forgive a LRAP loan must be submitted before the last day of the period
covered by the loan, which is 182 days from the date of the promissory note.


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