Affiliate Agreement Form-The University Of Utah Sport Clubs Program


The University of Utah Sport Clubs Program
This form is designed to memorialize the Sport Club’s agreement with its affiliates. All affiliates must complete and
submit Assumption of Risk and Release of Reliability and Proof of Insurance forms to Campus Recreation Services
(CRS) before they can participate in the University of Utah Sport Clubs Program. Please note that clubs are first
and foremost student organizations, therefore, it is important that management of the club be left to club
Club Name:
As an affiliate for the above named Sport Club, you are expected to perform the following duties:
Serve as a member of the Executive Council (EC)
The EC will be comprised of club members (student athletes) and affiliates. Club members will always have a
majority of members on the EC
Ensure that club members maintain primary management of the club and all related activities such as
personnel decisions, travel, game schedule, budget, and fundraising
Attend club meetings, practices, and competitions when convenient
Provide feedback into the recruitment, selection, hiring, evaluation, and termination process of any coach/
instructor, as well as monitoring his/her effectiveness with the club
Abide by all policies of the Sport Clubs Program within CRS
Assist the club in ensuring compliance with the SC Manual and University Policies and Procedures
Assist the club in setting realistic goals, while promoting opportunities for educational and personal
development of club members
Discourage domination of the club by any individual or group of members, coach/instructor, or advisor
Assist club members in using good judgment when representing the University
This agreement is made between the above named Sports Club and the Affiliate. The University of Utah and CRS
are not parties to this agreement and this agreement may not be construed as an agreement for employment by
or with the University or CRS.
Date: _____________
Club President:
Date: _____________


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