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Storage Locker Rental Agreement
_________________________________________ does hereby agree to provide to Resident(s) one
storage locker as indicated below.
Apartment Community:__________________________________________________
Bldg. & Apt. #:_________________________________________________________
Storage Locker #:___________________
Effective Date: ____/____/____
Monthly Rate: $______________ (Monthly rent rate may be increased or decreased with proper notice.)
Month to month with notice period of __________________________________
Term is concurrent with your Residential Lease.
Resident agrees to the following:
1. Resident shall provide a lock for the locker door, if one is needed, and keep the locker locked at all times.
2. The storage area is a minimally secured area and valuables should not be stored in the lockers. It is rec-
ommended that Resident have an insurance policy to protect his/her belongings.
3. Management shall not be responsible for any loss, including, but not limited to fire and water damage,
vandalism, and theft.
4. Resident shall not store any dangerous things, including anything flammable (like gas), explosives, haz-
ardous or toxic materials in the storage area at any time.
5. When the apartment is vacated, the locker must also be vacated, cleaned and swept. It is agreed that
any item left in the locker after the Resident vacates the apartment shall be considered abandoned.
Cleaning, storage, and disposal fees will be assessed if lockers are not properly emptied and cleaned.
6. Resident has the right to use only the locker assigned to him/her in writing by Management. Any items
found in the wrong locker will have the lock cut and will be removed without notice.
7. If the storage locker area is locked, only one storage room key will be given for each apartment. There is
a $________ charge for any unreturned key to the storage locker area.
8. The Resident signing this agreement shall have the responsibility of informing all Residents in the
apartment of these policies governing the storage lockers.
Agreed to:
Minnesota Multi Housing Association, 1600 West 82nd Street, Suite 110, Bloomington, MN 55431
(952) 854-8500 * Fax (952) 854-3810 * E-MAIL * Web site:
Note: If MHA block letters do not appear evenly tinted on the background center of this sheet, you are signing an illegally made copy.
2013 Minnesota Multi Housing Association
Update May 2013


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