Iowa Dhs Child Care Assistance Policy


Iowa DHS Child Care Assistance Policy
• As a childcare provider licensed by the department of human services,
Y Summer Camp accepts Iowa Child Care Assistance subsidy for qualifying
• Parents are required to notify their case worker that Y Summer Camp is
the primary provider of record for the student.
• Parents of DHS CCA students must sign attendance sheets monthly with Y
Summer Camp administrator. Failure to do so, will cancel DHS subsidy
payment, and the parent will be charged any remaining summer camp fees.
• If a child loses DHS subsidy eligibility at any point in the summer, the
parent will be assessed fees from that point forward.
• Families are required to pay full camp fees until CCA qualification is
confirmed by DHS.
Parent Name:_____________________________________________________________________
Camper Name:____________________________________________________________________
Case Number:_______________________________________________ # of Unit Covered: ____________
Parent Signature:______________________________________________________________________________________Date:___________


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