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Parent Notification of Child Care Sick Policy
Provider‘s Name ____________________
Child’s Name ______________________
Children in child care are exposed to germs carrying disease and illness. I cannot
completely prevent the spread of disease but this sick child policy helps me reduce the
spread of sickness and disease whenever possible for all children in my care.
• I will not provide care for a sick child if the health of other children is at risk. Please
keep your child home if s(he) is sick. A child that is sick cannot participate in daily
activities and routines and cannot be successful in group care.
• You must have a plan for back-up care when your child is excluded from child care if
you are not able to leave or stay at home from work to care for your sick child.
• Each morning I perform a quick health assessment on your child, as well as
throughout the day.
• If a child is ill upon arrival, you will be asked to take the child home. Children
showing signs or symptoms of illness must remain at home.
• If your child becomes ill while in my care, I will notify you so you can make
arrangements to pick up your child as soon as possible.
• If you are not reachable, I will contact one of the emergency contact persons to pick
up your child. You must provide local emergency contacts and information on how
to reach them in case of emergency.
• Your child will be made comfortable and offered a quiet place to rest until you arrive.
• If your child leaves another program or school during the regular school day due to
illness, (s)he may not attend my child care that same day.
_______ I am certified in Medication Administration. I administer prescription and
nonprescription in my child care. You must provide written authorization to
_______ I am not certified in Medication Administration and can not administer
prescription or nonprescription in my child care.
• I can administer nonprescription topical skin products, such as baby lotion, diaper
ointment, teething gel and sunscreen, with written authorization to administer.
You will be asked to pick up your child who has:
• Fever with behavior changes or signs or symptoms of illness: an oral temperature
over 101ºF or under the armpit (axillary) temperature over 100ºF


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