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International Student Center
Concurrent Enrollment/Community College
Request Petition
Before you take a class at a Community College, you must obtain permission from the ISC by completing this
petition. Approval is not automatic; your request to take the course will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To
request this permission, you must meet the following requirements:
1. Show proof of enrollment at the concurrent institution and submit ARCL (application for reduced course load)
2. You are an enrolled SDSU student, in good standing, for this semester or will begin SDSU next semester.
3. You have consulted with your department/major advisor and determined that the requested class is required
for your degree program.
4. Your registration at SDSU and the community college will equal 12 or more units.
5. You have a valid reason for not taking the class here at SDSU.
Check One:
New Student Entering SDSU
Continuing SDSU Student
Mr./Ms. ____________________________________________________________________________________
Last Name
First Name
Major:______________________________________ Red ID #________________________________________
Email: ______________________________ Phone: _______________________________________________
Are you sponsored?
If sponsored, name of sponsor: __________________________________________________________
Community College: ____________________________________ Semester: _____________________________
Number of units you will take at the Community College: _____________________________________________
Community College course and course number: ___________________________________________________
Is course online?
Equivalent SDSU course and course number: ___________________________________________________
Number of units you will take at SDSU: __________________________________________________________
Reason(s) you are unable to take the course at SDSU: ______________________________________________
I understand that as an F-1 student I need to maintain a full course load in order to remain in status, unless I have an
Application for Reduced Course Load approved by the International Student Center.
Student’s signature: ____________________________________ Date: ____________________
After 3-5 working days, you will be sent an email to pick up your letter at the ISC
Office use only
Approved on __________________________
Initials _________________________
Projects\Office Forms, Revised 07/2015


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