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To receive a Manufacturing Certificate from Rensselaer, graduate students must fulfill the following requirements:
Complete a M.S., M.Eng., or Ph.D. degree in engineering
Receive a grade of B or better in three specific courses:
ISYE 6600 – Design of Manufacturing System Supply Chains
ENGR 6960 - Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Systems
MANE 6800 – Manufacturing Systems Integration.
Take one additional course from the Manufacturing Course Master List
(prior approval not needed) OR complete one
culminating manufacturing experience from the list below that is approved by the Manufacturing Forum
both midway and at
the end of its completion:
Thesis (M.S. or Ph.D.) or project (M.Eng.) related to manufacturing
Teaching Assistant for ENGR 4710 or ENGR 4720 course
Prior professional experience (one year cumulative) in manufacturing including full-time position, Co-op position, or
The current Manufacturing Forum Co-Chairs are Prof. Daniel Walczyk ( and Prof. Johnson Samuel
Manufacturing Course Master List
ECSE/CSCI 4480 – Robotics I
ECSE 4490 / CSCI 6490 – Robotics II
ECSE 6240 – VLSI Fabrication Technology
ECSE 6300 – Integrated Circuit Fabrication Laboratory
ENGR 4710 – Manufacturing Processes and Systems I
ENGR 4720 – Manufacturing Processes and Systems II
ISYE 4200 – Design and Analysis of Work Systems
ISYE 4230 – Quality Control
ISYE 4520 – Facilities Design and Industrial Logistics
ISYE 6210 – Theory of Production Scheduling
ISYE 6620 – Discrete-Event Simulation
MANE 4550 – Analysis of Manufacturing Processes
MANE 6962 – Additive Manufacturing
MANE 6961 – Sustainability & Design
MANE 6964 – Micro/Meso-Scale Manufacturing
MGMT 4110 – Operations Management
MGMT 6490 – Competitive Advantage and Operations Strategy
MGMT 6100 – Statistics and Operations Management
MGMT 6810 – Management of Technical Projects
MTLE 4400 – Materials Synthesis and Processing I
MTLE 4450 – Materials Synthesis and Processing II
MTLE 6080 – Introduction to Electron Microscopy


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