Reciprocity Contractors 2014 Filing Of Gross Receipts Form - City Of Alexandria


City of Alexandria
Business Tax
P. O. Box 34939
Alexandria, VA 22334-0850
Reciprocity Contractors
2014 Filing of Gross Receipts
Filing Deadline: March 3, 2014
Applicant Name and Mailing Address. (If Corporation, Enter Corporate Name)
Account Number:
Telephone Number:
E-Mail Address:
Trade Name:
Zip Code:
If you have ceased business, enter date:
Virginia State Contractor’s License Information
VA Class A, B, or C:
VA Class License #
Jurisdiction in which you hold your business license:
License #
1. 2013 Gross Receipts in the City of Alexandria
If this figure does not exceed
$25,000, your tax due is zero.
2. Tax Rate
3. Tax Due
Calculate tax due: If your gross
receipts exceed $25,000, but
are no more than $100,000,
your tax due is $50.
If your gross receipts are
$100,000 or more, multiply
by the tax rate.
4. Less Gross Receipts Tax Already Paid in 2013
5. Late Payment Penalty
10% of the tax due or $10,
whichever is greater.
6. Interest
10% per annum of tax and
penalty, if filed after
April 2, 2014.
7. Total Payment Due
Please complete the enclosed Virginia Workers’ Compensation form and submit a current copy of your Virginia State Contractor’s License.
I certify that this report has been examined by me and to the best of my knowledge and belief is a true, correct, and complete report.
Signature: ______________________________________________________Title: _______________________Date: _____________________
Please make all checks payable to the “City of Alexandria,” and mail to:
City of Alexandria, P O Box 34939, Alexandria, VA 22334-0939


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