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This perjury notice applies to each individual who causes this document to be delivered to the Secretary of
State, whether or not such individual is named in the document as one who has caused it to be delivered.
9. The true name and mailing address of the individual causing the document to be delivered for filing are
____________________ ______________ ______________ _____
(Street number and name or Post Office Box information)
(ZIP/Postal Code)
_______________________ ______________.
(Province – if applicable)
(If the following statement applies, adopt the statement by marking the box and include an attachment.)
This document contains the true name and mailing address of one or more additional individuals
causing the document to be delivered for filing.
This form/cover sheet, and any related instructions, are not intended to provide legal, business or tax advice,
and are furnished without representation or warranty. While this form/cover sheet is believed to satisfy
minimum legal requirements as of its revision date, compliance with applicable law, as the same may be
amended from time to time, remains the responsibility of the user of this form/cover sheet. Questions should
be addressed to the user’s legal, business or tax advisor(s).
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