Lesson Plans For The Maple Sugaring Process


Lesson Plans for the Maple Sugaring Process
Key Words:
Sap, spile, cheesecloth, evaporator (evaporation), reverse osmosis, ratios, hydrometer/
hydrometer test cup, temperature, boiling point, freezing point, habitat, yield, Baume Scale, weather
forecasts, sugaring, natural resources, grading of maple syrup
Lesson Plan Grade Level:
Can be adapted for third grade through High School
Goals for the Lesson:
Students will explore the steps of the maple sugaring process
Students will appreciate earth’s natural resources
Students will learn the history and progression of the sugaring process
Students will utilize teamwork, math, science and research skills
Students will learn the process of evaporation
Learning Objectives:
1. Students will describe and discuss temperature fluctuations and the impact on sap flow
2. Students will define the boiling point and freezing point of sap
3. Students will explain the concept of ratios – 40 to 1 ratio
4. Students will define evaporation
5. Students will learn to recognize a maple tree and study its habitat
6. Prepare database for collected data to be stored year after year for comparisons
7. Explore ways to reduce our carbon footprint
8. Promote Nature and the care for it
Equipment for Sap Collection:
Sugar Maple Tree – a healthy tree at least 12 inches in diameter
Drill with 7/16 drill bit
Access to weather/temperatures
Tap My Trees – Maple Sugaring Lesson Plan
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