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Project Title: In the Margins or the Mainstream? Gay and Lesbian
IRB Protocol #
Narratives about Urban Space, Place, and Daily Life
Principal Investigator: Julia A. Ericksen, Department of Sociology, Temple University,
Philadelphia, PA, 19122. (215) 204-8065.
Student Investigator:
Daniel T. Schermond, Department of Sociology, Temple University,
Philadelphia, PA, 19122. (215) 326-9609.
I am currently engaged in a study about places in the city where gay men and lesbians live and
congregate. I am interviewing people to learn what they think about where they live, work,
interact with others, and connect with their communities. To further my investigation I would
like to interview you about your personal experiences both currently and in the past. I will ask
you about the extent to which you think of your sexuality as related or unrelated to these. The
interview will last from one to two hours depending on the extent of your experience.
All documents and information pertaining to this research study will be kept confidential, unless
required by applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations to be disclosed. Understand
that records and data generated by the study may be reviewed by Temple University and its
agents, the study sponsor or the sponsor’s agents (if applicable), and/or governmental agencies to
assure proper conduct of the study and compliance with regulations. The results of this study
may be published. If any data is published, you will not be identified by name. You will be
identified only in general terms, such as: “a 34 year-old lesbian/gay man living in Northeast
Philadelphia.” Alternatively, I may represent you through the use of a pseudonym. You may, if
you wish, sign an alternative consent form waiving your right to anonymity.
I welcome questions about the study at any time. Your participation in this study is on voluntary
basis, and you may refuse to participate at any time without consequence or prejudice. Questions
about your rights as a research subject may be directed to the Institutional Review Board
Coordinator by phone at (215) 707-3390, by email at, or by regular mail:
Institutional Review Board Coordinator, Temple University Research Administration, Student
Faculty Conference Center, 3340 North Board Street – Suite 304, Philadelphia, PA 19140.
Signing your name below indicates that you have read and understand the contents of this
Consent Form, you have received a signed copy, and that you agree to take part in this study.
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