Parenting Time Complaint Form - 2015


Jackson County Friend of the Court
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Parenting Time Complaint Form
ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: The Friend of the Court cannot enforce an alleged parenting time violation under
the following circumstances:
A) Your court order does not include a parenting time schedule.
B) The alleged violation occurred more than 56 days ago.
C) The non-custodial parent did not physically appear to pick up the children.
D) The complaint is about an informal agreement between the parties, not an alleged violation of a court order.
E) The complaint alleges child neglect and/or abuse. [Note: Call Children’s Protective Services at 1 (855) 444-3911.]
F) The complaint is about a police matter such as parental kidnapping.
G) The complaint does not allege a violation of a specific provision in your court order. Examples of non-enforceable
complaints, unless specifically addressed in your court order, include disagreements about clothing, haircuts, alcohol
consumption, smoking, television shows, hygiene, medication not provided or returned, etc.
If your complaint fits one of the circumstances above, do not complete this form. You may file a motion on your own or
through an attorney. Motion forms are available at the Friend of the Court Office or at
Court Order Number:
Complainant’s Name: ________________________________________________________________
Complainant’s Address (Address, City, State, and Zip Code): _________________________________
Complainant’s Home #______________________ Complainant’s Cell # _______________________
Do not submit this complaint until after the period of time reported below has ended. For
example, if your order allows parenting time from 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday’s,
do not submit your complaint before Thursday. In addition, do not submit this complaint if
any of the circumstances listed in the “Eligibility Requirements” section above applies.
I was denied parenting time with my child/ren beginning on (date): ____________________________
at (time) ________________ until (date) ________________ at (time) _________________________
Explain your complaint: I was denied my parenting time as follows: ___________________________
Did you attempt pick up or contact by going to the home or court ordered location? _____Yes _____No
If your complaint is other than actual denial of parenting time, please explain: ___________________
Name of person who denied your parenting time: __________________________________________
Your Signature: ________________________________________
The other parent may be provided a copy of this complaint. Make-up parenting time may be applied to enforce this complaint.
The Makeup Parenting Time Policy is addressed in Michigan law (MCL 552.642). Mediation may be used to resolve this
complaint. This mediation referral type that may be used is addressed in 4th Circuit Court Local Administrative Order 2009-01.
Last Revised: 08/07/2015


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