Promoter Event Contract With Boxing Or Martial Arts Participant And/or Manager Form - 1999

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Business and Professions Division
Professional Boxing, Martial Arts,
and Wrestling Section
P.O. Box 9649
Olympia, WA 98507-9649
Telehone (360)753-3713
FAX (360) 664-2550
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This contract between __________________________________________________________________ , Promoter,
Promoter’s Name
(License No.) _____________and _______________________________________________________ , Participant,
Participant’s Last Name
First Name
Middle Initial
(License No.) _____________or by _______________________________________________________ , Manager,
Manager’s Last Name
First Name
Middle Initial
(License No.) _____________agree to and with each other and with the Washington State Department of
Licensing, to the following:
Boxing participant shall appear and enter into a boxing contest at ___________________________________
Facility Name
located in ________________________ , Washington, at a weight not to exceed __________________ pounds,
on the______________________ day of ________________________ / _______________ against
Opponent’s Last Name
First Name
Middle Initial
from ______________________ , _______________________who shall be the opponent and shall appear at a
weight not to exceed ____________________________ pounds. It is further agreed, the bout shall consist of
______________ rounds and the dollar purse paid to ___________________________________ shall be in the
amount of $ __________________ , which may include payments for expenses as follows:
Travel in the amount of $ ___________________
Meals in the amount of $ __________________
Hotel in the amount of $ ____________________
Other for _________________ , in the amount of
$ _________________________
Per WAC 36-12-250 (1), Managers must not sign a contract for the appearance of any contestants with
whom no written contract is on file with the department. Contracts between boxer and manager must be on
a contract form furnished or approved by the department. A contract between a manager and a boxer on file
with the department will be recognized until such time as a court of competent jurisdiction determines it to
be of no further force and effect.
Per WAC 36-12-250 (10), If a manager shall fail to make application for a license he or she shall forfeit all
rights to boxers on whom he or she has filed contracts in this state and the boxer shall be free to sign
contracts with other licensed managers. Managers must file contracts on all boxers under their management.
The Department of Licensing has a policy of providing equal access to its services. If
you need special accommodation, please call (360)753-3713 or TTY (360)586-2788.
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