Day Care And Boarding Enrolment Forms


Day Care and Boarding Enrolment
Learning Pawsibilities
We are thrilled your dog will be joining the fun here at Learning
Pawsibilities! Please fill out the forms below, and bring it with
you together with vaccination records. You can find Learning
Pawsibilities location's address on the bottom of every page in
on our website. Your veterinarian's office may fax or email
records ahead of your appointment.
Pet Profile
Dog’s Name: Breed/Description:
Dog’s Name: Breed/Description:
Birthday: / / Weight: Color:
o Neutered Male o Spayed Female o Too Young
Date: (Spay/Neuter)
All dogs over the age of 7 months old, or those exhibiting early onset adolescence, must
be spayed/neutered.
Where did you acquire your dog:
o Breeder o Rescue/Shelter o Re-homed o Found
Please specify:
Date Acquired:
(check all that apply)
o _Has attended daycare o _Goes to the dog park o _Crate-
o _Displays leash aggression o _Displays separation anxiety o
_Has bitten someone
o _Has formal training o _Altercation with a dog o _Can escape
o _Fears:
o _Prone to eating foreign objects:


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