Form Rt: Kmh - Request For Membership Numeral Guard Pins And/or Years Of Service Pins Form


Membership and Years of Service Recognitions
Recognitions for years of membership are of two types:
Years of Membership Numeral Guards are worn with the membership pin and indicates, in five-year intervals,
the total number of years as a registered member with Girl Scouts of the USA. Both girl and adult years of
membership are counted in determining the total years of membership.
Years of Service Pin recognizes the years of active service as an adult member with Girl Scouts of the USA.
Recipients would choose to wear either this pin
the numeral guard.
Girl Scouts San Diego provides membership and/or service recognition items for adults who have completed
15 or more years of membership and/or service. Adults, for whom council-provided recognitions are being
requested, must be currently registered members of this council. Membership and/or service recognitions for
15 or more years may be presented at the annual recognitions event if desired. Please indicate on the form
whether the award is to be held for the council event or picked up for service unit event.
Recognitions for 5 or 10 years may be purchased from the council shop and presented at an appropriate
service unit event.
Use the “Request for Membership Recognitions for 15 Years or More” form, below.
RE-0010 11-16-12


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