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5. What geographic location(s) or unit(s) are you requesting for embed? (If multiple locations are requested, please prioritize based on importance
for your story, assignment or project. Coordinate with PIC staff for requested start dates for each location).
Location/Unit 1
Location/Unit 2
Location/Unit 3
Location/Unit 4
6. Print, Broadcast, Photographer, Other (Please state):
7. Areas covered by you/your agency:
8. How many travel bags do you intend to bring? (It is
9. Est. Weight:
recommended that you only bring what you can carry) :
10. I,
, understand that I MUST bring my own body armor, Kevlar helmet and protective
eyewear; these items are required to embed, and they will not be provided by any Department of Defense entity or military unit.
13. Provide three (3) samples of your work (Print - .doc or .pdf: Broadcast - transcripts and digital files; Photograph - .jpg format). This is a
14. Provide a brief but detailed purpose of why you are requesting this embed, your story angle(s) and the intent of your coverage in the space
below. This will serve as the story pitch to the requested unit. This is a requirement.
15. Provide a brief but detailed biography of yourself in the space below. Ensure you attach a photo of yourself prior to submitting this application.
16. Remarks:
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DA FORM 7674, OCT 2010
APD LC v1.01ES


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