Form Re-620-124 - Instructions For Completing The Secondary Provider Course Content Approval Application


Instructions for Completing the Secondary Provider
Course Content Approval Application
or revised. This can result in the issuance of a
Provider Information
1. Provider name and ID number: Use the approved
new course ID number. Also be aware of the
name your school was approved under and use
expiration date affecting the course. The original
the appropriate approval number issued to you.
provider has submitted this course for renewal
and therefore has a new expiration date. This
2. Address, telephone number, fax number, and e-
expiration date will be your expiration date, also.
mail address: Include PO box and suite number,
if applicable.
3. Original provider/course developer and school ID:
This is the name and ID number for the original
3. Contact person and telephone number: List the
provider/course developer from whom you
name of the contact person for this school. Include
received authorization to use this course.
the telephone number where the contact person
can be reached, if different than the school
What to Include With This Application
telephone number.
1. Please include a written authorization by the
original education provider/course developer
Course Information
permitting use of the course content.
1. Course title: Use the exact course title used by
the original provider/course developer.
2. If this course will be delivered using a distance
education delivery method, please attach a
2. Original provider/course developer course ID
completed Distance Education Delivery Method
number, number of clock hours, and expiration
Approval Application (form RE-620-126), unless
date used by the original provider/course
this course has been certified by ARELLO for your
developer. Be sure to contact the original
provider/course developer of the course for any
updated information concerning the course.
3. Attach the ARELLO certificate if this course has
Occasionally courses must be moderately updated
been certified through them for your school.
Incomplete or unsigned applications will not be processed
A completed application is processed within 45 days of our receipt
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