Eagle Scout Rank Application Verification Process Form - Great Lakes Field Service Council, Bsa


Great Lakes Field Service Council, BSA
Council Advancement Committee
Eagle Scout Rank Application Verification Process—Revised 4/21/13
When the applicant has completed his project and had his Scoutmaster conference, both
sides of the Eagle Scout Rank Application may be brought in, faxed, mailed, or scanned
and emailed to the council service center. Please ensure that the candidate has filled in all
pertinent information (including his full legal name, including full middle name – not
initial). In addition, the candidate must have obtained all required signatures on the back
of the application up to the BSA Certification signature line. If the application is brought
in or mailed, a copy should be sent to the council service center and the original kept with
the unit for later processing.
Regardless of the method used to deliver the application, contact information for the unit
representative receiving verification confirmation must be completed:
Contact Name _________________________ Unit ________ District _______________
Address _________________________ City _______________________ Zip ________
Email __________________________ Telephone __________________________
Chartered Organization________________________
Eagle Scout Applicant ________________________
In addition, please provide the name and address of the unit leader to ensure a prompt
return of the Eagle Scout credentials after the board of review:
Unit Leader Name _________________________
Address _________________________ City _______________________ Zip ________
Submit all verification requests to:
Dauch Scout Center – Eagle Processing (Debra Edwards)
1776 West Warren Avenue, Detroit, MI 48208
Fax: (313) 897-1970 ●
Allow at lease three weeks for processing. It may take longer, depending on demand.
After receipt of the application by the service center, the contact person will be notified if
any additional information is needed. Upon successful review by the service center, the
contact person will be notified that the Eagle Scout Rank Application has been verified
and the verified copy will be returned to that individual based on the agreed upon method.
The page with the verification signature must be attached to the original Eagle
Rank Application when being presented to the Board of Review.
Please note that the verification signature is the only one which may be obtained
electronically. All other signatures on the Eagle Rank Application must be original


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