Form Re-620-137 - Application To Offer Washington Real Estate Fundamentals, Practices, Law, Business And/or Brokerage Management - Instructions


Instructions for Completing the Application to Offer Washington Real Estate
Fundamentals, Practices, Law, Business and/or Brokerage Management
1. Check the appropriate box for the course you are
2. Address, telephone number, fax number, and e-
applying for. If you plan to offer more than one
mail address: Include P O box and suite number,
of the above courses, a separate application is
if applicable.
required for each course.
3. Contact person and telephone number: List the
2. Check the appropriate box for either Original
name of the contact person. Include the telephone
Approval or Renewal. You may only check the
number where the contact person can be reached,
Renewal box if there are no changes in course
if different than the school telephone number.
content or in the original course approval
application for a previously approved course. If
What to Include With This Application
you do check the renewal box, please enter the
1. If this is a renewal, all you need to submit is this
ID number for the course. You only need to submit
completed application and the appropriate fee
this application and the required fee. You are not
($150.00 each) payable to Washington State
required to submit the course materials.
3. Please check the medium by which you this course
2. If you checked the box for Original Approval,
is delivered. If you check the Distance Education
please include the following attachments with
box, you must complete and attach a Distance
your application and fee:
Education Delivery Method Approval
• Any text, handouts, and other instructional
Application with this application, unless the
course has been certified by ARELLO for your
• Final examination and answer key (minimum of
3 questions per clock hour);
• Completed Distance Education Delivery Method
Approval Application, if you checked the Distance
Provider/Course Developer Information
1. Provider/course developer name and ID number:
Education box;
Only an approved real estate provider/course
• ARELLO certificate, if applicable.
developer can offer courses for clock hour credit.
If you have been approved as a school, please use
the approved name of your school, and the
appropriate ID number issued to you.
A complete application will be processed within 45 days of our receipt.
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