Teacher Recommendation Form


Teacher Recommendation Form
Rocky Hill High School
School Code: 070648
Student Name:___________________________________________________ Today’s Date:__________
Earliest Application Date: ________________________________________________________________
**** Do NOT wait until the last minute to ask teachers to write letters – it takes time, so they need a few
weeks to do so. Plan accordingly, as Guidance needs your transcript request and letters to be completed at
least two weeks before your application deadline. ****
List schools to which you are applying and type of application (if known).
Common App
Hard copy
What subject area are you most likely to major in? ________________________________________
Is there any specific event or information that you would like to have included in the letter of
Please list three (3) school activities/events that you found to be most significant:
Please list any employment or other activities that you feel are significant:
What are your strongest characteristics?
Additional steps for the student:
Provide resume to teacher.
In addition to completing this form, you must login to Naviance to request letter from teacher.
o Go to Colleges > Colleges I’m Applying To
o Under Teacher Recommendations, click on add/cancel requests
o Select the teacher’s name, and add a comment if you’d like, then click Update Requests


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