1a, Wi-Z, & Telefile Wisconsin Income Tax Instructions


1A, WI-Z, & TeleFile
Wisconsin income tax
Lower Your Rent or Property Taxes
A quick, easy and
The Homestead Credit lowers your rent or property
smart way to get your
taxes and applies if you were a full-year resident and
taxes where you want
paid property taxes or rent, with a household income
them to be – DONE!
of less than $24,500. See page 2C and 15 for more
See page 2A and 3
for e-filing options.
Extra Money for Working Families
Free Tax Preparation Available
If you are eligible for the Federal Earned Income Tax
Credit and have at least one qualifying child, you are
(commonly referred to as VITA or TCE)
also eligible for the Wisconsin Earned Income Tax
Lower and moderate income individuals and the
Credit. See page 2C and 12 for more information.
elderly can have their taxes prepared for free.
See page 2B for more information.
New for 2005
How to Avoid Losing
• Veterans and Surviving Spouses Property Tax
Part of Your Refund
Credit This new credit is available to certain
In 2003, more than 114,000 Wisconsin taxpayers
disabled veterans and surviving spouses. See
paid an estimated $28.5 MILLION in Refund
page 12.
Anticipation Loans (RAL) and associated fees.
• Veterans Trust Fund Donation You may
See page 2B for tips on how to avoid this situation.
designate an amount to this fund for the benefit of
veterans or their dependents. See page 12.
File your tax return by
• Educator Expenses A deduction is allowed for
phone. TeleFile has a direct deposit option
educator expenses. See page 7.
and a new phone number. See pages 25-28.
Filing Deadline is Monday,
Para assistencia gratuita en Español ver página 2C.
April 17, 2006
FEDERAL PRIVACY ACT In compliance with federal law, you are hereby notified that the request for your social security number on the Wisconsin income tax return is made under the authority of
Section 71.03(6)(a) of the Wisconsin Statutes. The disclosure of this number on your return is mandatory. It will be used for identification purposes throughout the processing, filing, and auditing of your
return and the issuance of refund checks.
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