Form Llp-1 - Registration Of New Hampshire Limited Liability Partnership Instructions For Completing Form Llp-1, Form Sra - Addendum To Business Organization And Registration Forms


State of New Hampshire
NAME: Name must contain the words "Limited Liability Partnership" or the abbreviation "L.L.P." or
"LLP" as the last words or letters of its name.
REGISTERED AGENT/REGISTERED OFFICE: Each registered limited liability partnership shall
have and maintain in New Hampshire:
(a) A registered office that may be the same as any of its places of business; and
(b) A registered agent, which agent may be either an individual resident of New Hampshire whose
business office is identical with the partnership's registered office, or a domestic corporation, or a
foreign corporation authorized to do business in New Hampshire having a business office
identical with such registered office.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Any other matters the partnership determines to include may be
added. If more space is needed, attach additional pages.
SIGNATURE: The registration form must be executed by one or more partners authorized to execute
the document. If the partner executing the document is other than a natural person, the document shall be
executed on the partner’s behalf by a general partner of a limited partnership, an officer of a corporation,
a member or manager of a limited liability company or a person authorized by law to execute on behalf of
the partner.
STATEMENT REGARDING SECURITIES: This form must be accompanied by form SRA,
certification pursuant to RSA 421-B:11, II, stating that the limited liability partnership's securities
(generally, partnership interests) have either been registered or exempted from registration under the New
Hampshire Securities Act. Call the Bureau of Securities Regulation (603-271-1463) with any questions
you may have with this requirement. Call the Corporation Division (603-271-3244) regarding any other
questions concerning this application.
Mail fee, DATED AND SIGNED ORIGINAL AND FORM SRA to: Corporate Division, Department of
State, 107 North Main Street, Concord NH 03301-4989.
LLP-1 Instruct V-1.0


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