Irb Approval Form


Please keep in mind that the typical standard is to write informed consent at no higher than an eighth grade
reading level. It should be written in the second person (the first person can be considered coercive). Avoid
scientific terms or jargon and keep it concise to increase readability. The elements below should be included, and
this document can serve as a template for informed consent:
Consent Form
Title of this Research Study
List the title in this section as it appears on the IRB Approval Request Form.
Inform the participant that this is a research study and invite them to participate:
You are invited to take part in this research study. The information in this form is meant to help you
decide whether or not to take part. If you have any questions, please ask.
What is the reason for doing this research study?
This section should briefly state the purpose of the study. This information should be provided in simple language
without scientific terms.
What will be done during this research study?
Briefly describe the procedures using the order in which they will occur and include how long the study will take. If
data collection involves audio or videotaping, participants must be advised of this.
What are the possible risks of being in this research study?
If there are no known risks:
There are no known risks to you from being in this research study.
If there is a potential for risk:
The following risk(s) may be involved in participation in this research (describe the risks, starting with the
most likely to occur).
What are the possible benefits to you?
If there is some direct benefit for participation, describe it here, including any incentives, compensation, or course
If there is no reasonable direct benefit to participation:
You are not expected to get any benefit from being in this research study.
What are the possible benefits to other people?
Describe any possible benefits to society (such as advancement of knowledge in the area being studied).
What will participation in this research study cost you?


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