Uab Department Of Psychology Scientific Review Form


UAB Department of Psychology
Departmental Policy: Scientific Review for IRB Submissions
Effective: July 7, 2003
Revisions: April 4, 2013
In accordance with UAB Institutional Review Board (IRB) Policies and Procedures, scientific review of all new
investigator-initiated research is required at the department level. This policy applies to all levels of IRB review
- full, expedited, and exempt. Note that the UAB Gene Therapy Project Review Panel will continue to review
all gene therapy protocols.
This departmental review process will be handled according to the following guidelines:
The Principal Investigator (PI) shall identify at least one expert reviewer, who is not an investigator or
supervisor on the project, to review the research protocol and to provide comments and/or
recommendations for revision prior to IRB submission. The reviewer(s) may be selected from within
the department faculty or may be external to the department; however, at least one reviewer must hold
primary faculty status at UAB. The reviewer(s) should have the appropriate expertise to review the
protocol in relevant areas such as the scientific merit and design of the proposed research, use of human
participants in psychological research, and health care or safety-related issues. The PY 101 Subject
Pool Coordinator (Dr. Ed Cook; should be included among the reviewers if the
project will recruit using the PY 101 Participant Pool and/or award PY 101 research credits for
The PI is responsible for making all appropriate contacts with potential reviewers, providing them with
copies of all necessary materials, and negotiating the time frame for review in order to allow time for
submission to the department and the IRB prior to any designated due date.
Forms. Each reviewer should be provided with a complete copy of the human subjects protocol (HSP),
any consent form(s), all other materials that will be submitted to the IRB, and the Department of
Psychology’s Reviewer Comment Form (which is attached to this policy document). The reviewer
provides written feedback to the PI on the Comment Form and signs it. After receiving the reviewer’s
feedback the PI completes and signs the bottom of the form, indicating that all of the reviewer’s
comments and recommendations have been addressed. The PI also completes the Department of
Psychology Scientific Review Form which documents the departmental review and serves as a cover
sheet for all reviews for submission to the Department of Psychology and the IRB. Note that the
Department of Psychology Scientific Review Form replaces the IRB’s Protocol Oversight Review Form
When the review and any revisions are completed, the PI submits the entire IRB submission packet,
including the HSP, consent form, and additional materials and forms including the Scientific Review
Form and one or more Reviewer Comment Forms, to Mary Frances Thetford, (, in
415 Campbell Hall. Ms. Thetford reviews the materials for completeness and compliance and forwards
them to Dr. Ball for her final review and signature. Please allow at least 24-48 hours for this process to
be completed. It is recommended that principal investigators contact Ms. Thetford at least two days in
advance to notify her of a forthcoming protocol for review.
As Department Chair, Dr. Ball acknowledges by signature that the protocol and associated materials
have received the necessary reviews and are approved for IRB submission. Materials are then returned
to Ms. Thetford, who notifies the PI that the paperwork is signed and the materials are ready to be
picked up from the Department of Psychology office for delivery to the IRB office.


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