Form Ia 4506 - Request For Copy Of Tax Return - 2014

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Iowa Department of Revenue
IA 4506 Request for Copy of Tax Return
Note: View or print returns and payments filed through the eFile & Pay system at
On the eFile & Pay “Main Menu” screen, click on the View “e” History link(s).
Use this form to request copies of Iowa returns.
Submit a separate request for each type of tax return.
If you are not the taxpayer, please enclose proof of authorization to receive a copy
of the return(s) requested. We need:
an Iowa power of attorney (form IA2848), or
if the taxpayer is deceased, proof that you are authorized to represent the decedent.
Requests received without a signature or date will be returned.
Contact the IRS at 1 -800-829-1040 for federal returns.
We may be unable to provide copies of individual income returns more than three years old.
We will provide a copy of a return and any supporting schedules attached to the return on
which entries were made. We will not copy a page containing only instructions.
Name(s) and address as shown on return:
Mailing address for copy(s): (if different from address above)
Copies of Returns Requested:
Tax Type (one per form)
Tax ID or Permit Number
Tax Periods
Fee is $5 for each tax return. Number of returns requested:
x $5 =
Note: Do not send cash. Make check payable to: Treasurer, State of Iowa
Payment must accompany this request. Requests received without payment will be returned to the
sender. When you pay by check, you authorize the Department to convert your check to a one-time
electronic banking transaction.
Signature of Taxpayer or Requester:___________________________ Date ______________
If signed by someone other than taxpayer, authorization is required. See instructions.
Daytime Phone ________________________
Mail completed form and check to:
Request for Copy
Iowa Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 10413
Des Moines IA 50306-0413
95-504 (09/08/14)


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