Building/house Inspection Checklist Template


Building/House Inspection Checklist
When you find what you believe to be the perfect location for your business, or your
dream house, you may go into the situation with rose-colored glasses. If that's the case,
you'll find this checklist helpful in keeping your eyes on the prize, so to speak.
Roof appears to be in good condition
Metal flashings on roof in good condition
Adequate insulation in the attic
Damaged wood and/or mildew
Water leaks in attic
Storage space in attic
Easy access to attic
Water heater in good condition
Drips from any faucets
Pipe corrosion
Operational windows
Window coverings in good shape
Kitchen cabinets in good condition
Operational appliances
Flooring in good condition
Bathroom fixtures in good shape
Bathroom flooring in good condition
Fully functional electrical system in good condition
HVAC system operational and maintained well
Driveway in good condition
Adequate drainage outdoors
Gutters in good condition
Siding/exterior paint in good condition
Attractive landscaping
Fencing in good condition


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