Debriefing Statement


Debriefing Statement
Thank you so much for participating in this study. Your participation was very valuable to us.
We know you are very busy and very much appreciate the time you devoted to participating in
this study.
There was some information about the study that we were not able to discuss with you prior to
the study, because doing so probably would have impacted your actions and thus skewed the
study results. I would like to explain these things to you now.
In this study, we were interested in understanding ___________________________. Based on
prior research, we expect to find that ______________________________.
You were told that ___________________________________; however, in reality,
______________________________________ were created for the purpose of this experiment
and they are not real. This deception was necessary because _____________.
You were led to believe that the purpose of the study was ________; however, in reality, the
purpose was ________. This deception was necessary because _____________.
During this study, information about __________ was withheld so that ___________.
We hope this clarifies the purpose of the research, and the reason why deception was used (or we
could not tell you all of the details about the study prior to your participation). If you would like
more information about state the topic of the study, you may be interested in the following : cite
books, articles, etc.
It is very important that you do not discuss this study with anyone else until the study is
complete. Our efforts will be greatly compromised if participants come into this study knowing
what is about and how the ideas are being tested. If you have any questions or concerns, you
may contact _______________ at (803) 777-____ or ______________. Thank you again for
your participation!


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