Attachment 1 - Checklist Of Standards (Modified From Attachment Seven Of Agar Advisory No.49) - U.s. Department Of Agriculture


Technology Investment Plan (TIP) No.:______________
AD700 or AD672 No.:___________________
Acquisition Title:________________________________
Attachment 1
(Modified from Attachment Seven of AGAR Advisory No.49)
The Requiring Official shall consider the following measurement indicators and
statements from 36 CFR Part 1194, to the products or services needed and indicate the
letter in each checkbox that applies.
Instructions for completing checklist:
1) Identify each of the nine major sections that apply to your requirement.
2) Indicate the status of 508 compliance by noting appropriate selection, (i.e., N, E, S, P, or F, listed
below), in the checkbox associated in the major sections that apply to your requirement.
No compliance and there is no expectation of compliance.
Eventually will be made compliant, but does not comply now.
Somewhat compliant and no expectation of full compliance, what %
Partially compliant with progress toward full compliance, what %
Fully compliant
(1) Software Applications and Operating Systems (36 CFR 1194.21)
(i) When software is designed to run on a system that has a keyboard,
product functions are executable from a keyboard where the function itself or
the result of performing a function can be discerned textually.
(ii) Applications do not disrupt or disable activated features of other
products that are identified as accessibility features, where those features are
developed and documented according to industry standards. Applications do
not disrupt or disable activated features of any operating system that are
identified as accessibility features where the application programming
interface for those accessibility features has been documented by the
manufacturer of the operating system and is available to the product developer.
(iii) A well-defined on-screen indication of the current focus is provided
that moves among interactive interface elements as the input focus changes.
The focus is programmatically exposed so that assistive technology can track
focus and focus changes.
(iv)Sufficient information about a user interface element including the
identity, operation and state of the element is available to assistive technology.


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