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A permanent employee in the Classified Service in good standing at the time of voluntary reduction in status, class,
or time, may request a return to former status, class or time. If approved by the Personnel Commission, the
employee will be considered when vacancies are to be filled. Unless the reduction was the result of layoff,
appointing authorities are not required to select such an employee in preference to other eligibles.
An employee who has probationary status only and takes a voluntary demotion or a voluntary reduction in status
shall have his/her name restored to the eligibility list from which he/she was appointed if that list has not expired
and he/she has filed with the Personnel Commission a written request to restore his/her name to the eligibility list.
(PC Rule 745)
An employee taking a reduction should realize that the following benefits are affected as indicated under each
Reduction in STATUS: (To Substitute or Relief)
1. Loses right to earn progressive salary advancement and vacation. On return to regular status within 39 months,
regains accumulated illness balance. A lump-sum vacation payment is made at time of reduction in status.
These benefits are not given to an employee who takes a reduction during his initial probationary period. (PC
Rule 710)
2. Retains right to take promotional examinations and to appeal disciplinary actions; however, these benefits are
not given to an employee who takes a voluntary reduction during his/her initial probationary period. (PC Rule
3. Retains eligibility for qualifying military leaves. (PC Rule 820)
4. Retains eligibility to be absent from work for examination and other employment procedures of the LACCD.
(PC Rule 784).
Reduction in CLASS: (Voluntary Demotion)
An employee shall be paid his/her current salary in the class in which permanent status had most recently been
acquired, provided that his/her present salary is one of the steps of the class to which he/she is demoted. If this
is not the case, he/she will be paid the rate of the new class which is next lower than the employee’s current
If permanent status has not been acquired in any class at the time of demotion, the employee shall be paid the
initial step of the schedule for the class to which he/she is demoted. (PC Rule 582)
Reduction in TIME: (From full time to part time)
1. Loses right to another full-time position, but retains the privilege of requesting return to full-time position if the
employee is permanent in the classified service at the time of reduction. (PC Rule 745)
2. Paid benefits are reduced in proportion to the reduced hours.
The choices an employee makes on this form represent changes he/she wishes to make based on
his/her current assignment. Changes in the employee’s current assignment or employment status can make
the choices on this form invalid or illogical. It is responsibility of the employee to keep this form
updated or to replace it as needed.
Minor changes an employee wishes to make on the C1045 form can be made by email. The most common
example of a minor change is the addition or deletion of a location. Emails should be sent
Major changes require an employee to submit a new C1045 form. When an employee submits a new
form the new form will supersede the previous form. An employee has to make sure that any new C1045
form reflects all of his/her choices. The Personnel Commission Office cannot assume what the employee
intended to request or reconcile differences among multiple forms submitted.
If an employee promotes to a new job classification this form will no longer be valid.
LACCD Form C1045 rev. 10/15


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