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Your 30 day notice must be RECEIVED in our office by the first of the month and at least 30
days prior to your moving. You may not give notice in the middle of the one month and move the middle
of next month (even though it is 30 days) unless your lease specifically says you can. If this requirement is
not satisfied, you will be charged a reletting fee no matter how many days late the notice is.
Even if your circumstances require you to move before the end of the month, you must pay the full
month rent without proration. Should a new resident move in during the month for which you have paid,
the rent will be prorated back to you when we disburse your security deposit.
If you are breaking your lease during any time of the lease term or renewal or extension period,
you automatically owe the reletting fee. We will be glad to advertise the property for lease after this fee is
paid in certified funds or money order. We cannot assist you in releasing the property until this fee is paid.
It is usually equal to one month rent.
After you move, we have 30 days to return your security deposit and/or account for any
deductions. We must have your forwarding address in writing. If you do not know your forwarding
address at the time of filling out this form, send it to us as soon as you know it. Please refer to the
MAINTENANCE ADDENDUM of your lease for specific instructions in preparing and cleaning your
home before moving.
You do not have to be present for the move out inspections. If you wish to be present, please put
it in writing before the 20
of the month to schedule an appointment for Monday through Friday between
9-4 PM. You will be contacted to set up an appointment. Under no circumstances will a move out
inspection be scheduled after the 20
of the month of occupancy due to scheduling difficulties.
If our office can assist you with finding another home or with future housing needs, please call us
and we would be glad to help.
Thank you for residing in our property.
Carpets will be professionally cleaned at your expense by our vendor after you move out: residents cannot
choose the vendor.
Residents agree that the following items will be cleaned upon their vacating or deductions from this
security deposit will be made for such cleaning:
In general, remove oils, grease, hair, dirt, sediment, dust and any buildup of foreign matter
from all surfaces of premises, appliances and fixtures.
Clean floors, windows, (in and out), sills, walls shelving, cabinets, sinks, commodes,
bathtubs, showers, and any shower doors, tracks and ledges.
Clean oven, stove, burner drip pans (replace if beyond cleaning), broiler pan, stove vent filter
and fan, backsplash.
Clean light fixtures, mirrors, doors, fireplace, entries, patios, garage and/or carport, storage
Replace air conditioning filter (or clean if permanent filter).
Remove all personal belongings and trash.
Mow front and back lawns (if responsible under the lease).
Utility turn on required for move out survey, cleaning or carpet cleaning will be charged
against the deposit.


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