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Rev.Jan 2016
CFAES Release Time / Cost Share
Version 4.0
The CFAES Release Time / Cost Share Form is used to request participation on an OSP research project. Release Time results in direct
costs to grant funds and return to departments, while Cost Share provides matching contribution from department funds. RT/CS may be paid
from Teaching, Research, or Extension appointments. This form can also be used for Extension direct appointments.
When to use this Form:
College/ OARDC Academic: for Faculty use only; Staff time handled at dept level using HRA.
OSU Extension: Orgs 55 and 57 for Faculty or Staff use.
Time Period: Specify the entire time period to be released or cost shared, including prior pay periods if any. Start dates more than 90 days prior
to the current pay period are subject to college/unit administrative review. End dates should not extend beyond the OSP project end date per PI
Portal. OSP project/grant extensions do not alter the original RT/CS end date, but require a RT/CS change request.
HR System: Submission and approval of this RT/CS will generate a funding line (DBT) change and/or retroactive adjustment (DRD) for up to
three months prior, depending on HR Service Center deadlines. Any adjustments over 90 days require special OSP approval and can be
delayed or denied. Employees will be returned to their original department funding lines after the end of the RT/CS period (no form needed).
Part I: Type
Today's Date: ___________________
(Direct or RT)
(OSU Matching)
] New
] Change or
Only one project per form
Terminate early
Part II: Employee Information
Last Name _____________________
First, middle/initial ______________________
OSU employee ID __________________
Part III: Current Appointment
Part IV: RT/CS Project participation
a. Home Department Org # _______
a. OSP research Project number
b. Total appointment FTE
_______ %
OSP Project End date in PI Portal
c. Faculty Appointment:
Effort Time period :
] 12 months
Start date ______________
End date ______________
9 months -off duty term is:
c. Percent RT/CS/Direct
] Autumn
] Autumn
] Spring
] Spring
] Summer
] Summer
amount of Total Salary & Benefits $_______________
Part V: Chartfield Info - Identify which funding source is being released or costshared.
a. Org #
b. Fund
c. Project
d. Program
e. UserDef
f. RT/CS %
Part VI: Approvals and Signatures
Contact for questions:
_____________________________ Phone: ____________________
PI signature
Employee signature
Supervisor signature and printed name
Admin approval and printed name
Completed forms should be submitted via email to and
Questions: Angie LeMaster,, 614-292-6470 or Laura Keesor,, 614-292-8873.


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