Isis Water Chemistry Flowchart


ISIS Water Chemistry Flowchart
1.20 ISIS Water Chemistry Flowchart
NOTE: The chances of having an
ISIS manufacturing or materials
I have an ISIS System and I am working on water chemistry
NOTE: All tests should
failure are 1 in literally thousands.
Nearly ALL Bromine related issues
be carried out exactly
are due to water chemistry or
as described on your
other factors.
Check all connections and make certain that all settings are aligned
test kit of choice. It is
with the instructions included with your ISIS Bromine Generator.
Make certain you are circulating a minimum of 8 hrs per day.
critical to understand
all water chemistry
levels to troubleshoot.
Adjust settings to correct levels
per your owner’s manual
If your Calcium Hardness (CH) is high, you
are very likely creating scaling and calcium
Carry out Calcium Hardness Test
buildup on your electrode cell. Additionally,
All water requires calcium
you will see the impact of high CH on the
hardness as part of good water
walls of your spa. If you have discovered
that you have high CH, you will need to
chemistry. If you have a very
low CH, consult your spa dealer
make certain it is lowered and pay very
CH< 250
for a treatment that can bring it
close attention to your bromine production.
into balance.
If your ISIS controller reads LC or OE at any
point, you will possibly need to replace your
Using your Tru-Blu Sodium Bromide
electrode due to calcium build-up.
test kit provided, test your NaBr
With high NaBr it will be
necessary and appropriate to
Add TRU-BLU Sodium Bromide
Is NaBr
allow some of your water to
per your NaBr:Gallon ratio from
drain and add fresh water back
section 1.10 of this guide.
to fill level. This will reduce the
amount of NaBr in solution and
Complete a Total Alkalinity Test
bring your level in correct levels.
Add a spa water balancing
product to bring TA into
required range
Complete a pH test
Contact your Spa dealer and
request Spa-Down or some other
treatment to increase pH. Also
Is pH
note, high pH can result in rustic or
Contact your Spa dealer and
7.2-7.8 ppm?
greenish water and also impact
request Spa-up or some other
both acrylic in your spa.
product to increase pH
Note: 7.4-7.6 recommended
Test for Free Bromine
NOTE: This is NOT Sodium Bromide
Use a Phosphate Remover & wait 24
hours. You might repeat this step.
Note: 3-5ppm recommended
Is Bromine
Increase power setting or
2-6 ppm?
maintenance level on ISIS
Remove and thoroughly
clean filter or replace.
Test for Phosphates
Repeat process until NO
phosphates are present


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