Ise Iv Student Portfolio Feedback Form


Integrated Skills in English —
ISE IV Student portfolio feedback form
Candidate name:
Teacher name:
Task section:
Centre (name or number):
Teachers are strongly recommended to give candidates feedback in the preparation of their ISE IV
portfolios. Use this form only.
Teachers should complete just one copy of this sheet for each task presented by the candidate. It should
be completed by ticking appropriate items in the right-hand column. This sheet must be the only form of
feedback between teacher and candidate. When completed, this form should be handed to the candidate.
The candidate must ensure that it is included in their final Portfolio.
Advice to the student
Task fulfilment
Parts of the task have not been completed — look at the instructions again
The task does not meet the requirements set — look at the instructions again
This work does not appear to be entirely your own — you must choose a different task
Your work contains some irrelevant details and/or repetition
You should add some more ideas
You should give more description
The format, style and/or register are not appropriate to the task
The task is too long/short — check the word length range
Your presentation and/or layout need to be improved
You should check and improve paragraphing
You need to add an introduction
You need to add a conclusion
You need to rewrite the task with more legible handwriting or word-process your work
You need to check and improve the grammar of your work
You should use a greater range of grammatical structures
You should use a greater range of vocabulary
You need to check you are using the correct words
You should check the spellings of words in your work
You should check and improve the punctuation in your work


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