Form 8653 - Tax Counseling For The Elderly Program Application Plan

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OMB Number
Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service
Tax Counseling for the Elderly Program
(April 2016)
Application Plan
Reimbursement Expenses
(a) Numbers
1. To volunteer tax assistors/quality reviewers
2. To volunteer tax instructors
3. To volunteer coordinators/administrators
4. Total (ADD 1-3)
Administrative Expenses
5. Salaries/Benefits (clerical, administrative or technical staff only)
6. Supplies/Volunteer Recognition—For TCE Program
7. Rent/Utilities/Custodial Services—When additional and necessary for TCE Program
8. Auditing
9. Daily site operations travel (travel to monitor TCE sites)
10. Program Publicity Development
11. Interpreter Services
12. Telephone Installation (No 800 Lines) or Internet Connectivity costs
13. Other (postage and/or food costs)
14. Total Administrative Expenses (ADD lines 5 through 13, column (b)). This figure
should not be more than 30% of line 15
15. Estimated Program Cost (ADD lines 4 and 14, column (b))
16. Estimated cost of Travel to IRS Office/IRS Training
17. Estimated cost of Electronic Filing Supplies/Services
18. Total estimated Program Cost (ADD lines 15, 16, and 17 column (b))
Other Information
19. Number of individual federal tax returns you expect to prepare
60 + Taxpayers
Other Taxpayers
a. Paper federal returns
b. Electronically filed federal returns
c. Total of 19a and 19b
20. Number of other taxpayers 60+ you plan to assist not included in Lines 19a
through 19c above.
21. Number of tax preparation sites planned
a. e-file sites
b. combination sites
c. Total of 21a and 21b
Signature of responsible officer
Catalog Number 64328V
(Rev. 4-2016)


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