Community Service For Certificate Form


Community Service FOR CERTIFICATE
Congratulations and thank you for performing community service! At Weston High School, community
service is one way students show their concern for others and their desire to make a community a better
place. Students who perform a minimum of twenty hours of community service can receive formal
recognition of their efforts through an award certificate by: following the directions on this form;
completing the required form on the reverse side; and submitting the form to the Guidance Department.
When is the deadline for submitting community service hours?
Service hours performed between May of last academic year and May of the current academic year are
eligible for recognition, including hours performed over the summer. This form along with all write-ups
is due the first Friday of May.
Who is eligible to perform community service?
All students can, and are encouraged to, perform community service.
Why do I need to document hours? Why are there two different forms?
All community service can be listed on a student’s activity list, whether or not an award is issued.
Performing community service demonstrates a desire to “give back to one’s community,” and every time
a student performs service, it becomes a part of a student’s extra-curricular resume.
Students who perform a minimum of twenty hours of community service, above and beyond any other
obligation, will be recognized at Class Day/Undergraduate Awards Ceremony. To do so, students must
complete the “Community Service for Certificate” Form. In order to receive a formal certificate for the
1) The hours cannot also be applied towards credit, OR as part of a class requirement (this includes
activities with Chorus, Choir, Theater, Social Science, etc.)
2) The community service locations must be reputable locations and not private arrangements such as
babysitting, tutoring, etc. without prior permission. Relatives cannot serve as, or sign off as the
role of Supervisor.
What is required of me after I perform the community service?
After the service is completed, you must enter the information that is requested on the reverse side of this
form. This includes: the name of where you performed the service; who your supervisor was and how
he/she may be contacted; when you performed the service; and how many hours you devoted.
For each service activity you perform, you must typewrite a paragraph that describes the service. Hand-
written paragraphs will not be accepted. Your paragraph must describe what service you performed and
how you helped others or helped your community. As with any paper written for English, your paragraph
must have “a clear focus supported by logically related ideas and sufficient detail.” You must complete
and submit the information by the required deadline (first Friday of May). Any form submitted after this
deadline will not be included in the awards ceremony.
Who can I ask if I have questions about community service?
Any counselor in the Guidance Department can help answer your questions about this form or community


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