6-3/4 Kost Kut Remit Envelope Template With Instructions


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#6-3/4 Kost Kut Remit Envelope
Product Dimensions: 3-5/8” x 6-1/2”
Printing on the backside (optional) is free. However, keep
in mind that the printing on back tends to be slightly lighter
than the front (unavoidable).
How to use this template
This pdf template was created in Adobe Illustrator CS3 and
was saved preserving Illustrator’s editing capabilities
(“layers”). Using Adobe Illustrator would work best, how-
ever, you may use any variety of graphics editing or desk-
top publishing software with this template as long as the
program can:
1. Create vector outlines for any text elements (avoids font
conflicts), or format the text as 1200 dpi black and white
bitmap TIFF line art.
2. Generate a PDF containing high resolution or vector-
based images/graphics
3. Specify PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM spot color
applied to images/graphics where applicable. Please no
CMYK or RGB raster images should be used.
Place/import template into your editing program and use
layers mode where available. Always keep template as base
layer or, if no layer mode, behind your artwork.
When saving PDF, use no downsampling or compression
for any raster images you may be using and check the box
that reads Preserve Illustrator’s Editing Capabilities.
IMPORTANT: Please refer to the Pre-press Requirements
and Simple Printing Guide included in this PDF document
for information and instructions on preparing and submit-
ting artwork for best printed results.


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