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event planning and coordination
3 Months Before The Wedding
Alert your wedding party to the rehearsal. The rehearsal-dinner host should
send rehearsal dinner invitations.
Obtain a marriage license. Follow your state’s guidelines concerning how
soon you can apply, and how long the license is valid for.
If you have a DJ/band, work on a list of ‘must-play’ and ‘do-not play’
songs. Be sure you also send them selections for your introductions, first
dance, cake cutting, father/daughter dance, anniversary dance, and
last dance.
Determine your ceremony music selections and send the list to your
ceremony musicians.
Shop for all additional accessories like undergarments, jewelry,
headpiece, bridal purse, etc.
Create a wedding day schedule. Send the information to your wedding
party and vendors. If you’re working with Neon Carrot Events, we’ll create
this for you.
Finalize any special preferences, readings, or other ceremony details (in
writing) with your officiant.
Notify your maid of honor/mother/or friend to attend your final gown
fitting so they can learn how the bustle will be tied.
2 Months Before The Wedding
Verify with your reception venue to make sure your vendors will have
access to the site when they need it.
Confirm delivery locations, times, and final arrangements with your florist.
Make a list of who will get bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres, and
recruit someone to oversee this on the wedding day.
Confirm the rehearsal details and wedding day schedule with your
Pick up the tuxedo/suit and try it on at the shop. See if there are any
additional alterations to be made.
Confirm location, date, and time with your photographer. Create your
‘must-take’ photo list.
Confirm location, date, and time with your videographer.
Confirm all honeymoon travel plans. Give someone a copy of your
itinerary and contact information in case of an emergency.
Shop and pack for the honeymoon.
If you’re having a receiving line, determine the order everyone will stand


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