Letter To Clients Advising Of Lawyer'S Retirement - Law Firm Continuing


Letter to Clients Advising of Lawyer’s Retirement -
Law Firm Continuing
[Name of Case]
Dear [Name of Client]:
After _____ years of practice, I am retiring from the practice of law. After [date] I will no
longer accept new legal matters. It has been both my pleasure and my honor to have
served the people of ______________ [city/county] for these many years.
I am pleased to announce that the law firm will continue to operate as [firm name] with
my partner/associate as the managing partner. I hope that you will think of using [lawyer
name or firm name] if you need legal assistance in the future.
Although the current firm of [firm name] will cease when I retire, I am pleased to
announce that my partner will continue to practice in this office as [new firm name]. I
hope that you will think of using [lawyer name or firm name] if you need legal assistance
in the future.
If I am currently representing you in a matter, [I intend to conclude your representation
before my retirement OR my successor attorney Mr./Ms. _______ is willing to take my
place as your attorney. If you do not wish Mr./Ms. _______ to represent you, you also
have the option of selecting a new attorney elsewhere. We will work with you to ensure a
smooth transition to a new attorney.]
Within the next [fill in number] weeks, I will be providing you with a full explanation of the
funds in your trust account and any fees that you currently owe to me.
It has been my policy to return all personal items from files to clients and to keep a copy
of the client file for a period of six years. Mr./Ms. [successor attorney name] will continue
to store my copy of your closed file for six years. After that time, he/she [or his/her
representative] will destroy my copy of your file. If this is not acceptable, you must let
me know by [set a date – at least 30 days] that you do not want me to follow the usual
procedure with your file.
Please contact me if you have any questions. After [date of retirement], you may leave a
message for me at [telephone number].
Thank you again for allowing me to represent you in your legal matters.


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