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Self-Serving or Uninteresting Objectives:
Those Same Objectives,
Example #1
~ Seeking an outside sales opportunity with a
~ Seeking outside sales internship position
progressive-thinking company that will provide
requiring proven closing skills.
me with an opportunity for advancement.
~ Seeking off campus sales position
requiring proven closing skills.
What company doesn’t like to think of itself as
“progressive”? Also, why are you worried about
These clearly state what you seek, and emphasize
advancement already? You haven’t even been
that you have the requisite skills.
hired for this job yet.
Example #2
~ Seeking to advance my career in the exciting
~ Seeking pharmaceutical sales internship
world of pharmaceutical sales.
utilizing my background and experience in
organic chemistry as well as my excellent
Every wasted word that you put on your resume
interpersonal communication skills. Willing
decreases the impact of all the other words. If the
to travel and /or relocate.
employer spends even a half second reading the
adjective “exciting,” it does two things. It increases
Again, this shows you are focused, and that you
the chance that a more important word—an action
can make a contribution. It also states that you
verb or an accomplishment—will be missed.
are willing to do what it takes to move up the
Secondly, it gives the reader the impression that
you are trying to snow them.
Example #3
~ Seeking management position.
~ Seeking retail-management training
position, utilizing my six years experience in
This is a common mistake, particularly among first-
retail sales.
time job seekers. It does not tell the employer
anything, except perhaps that you have not given a
Clearly states the goal and summarizes your
great deal of thought to what it is that you want to
Example #4
~ Seeking a challenging position in social
~ Seeking a position as a crisis counselor.
Short and to the point.
Again, this adjective adds very little to the
~ Seeking the opportunity to apply and
integrate my classroom knowledge in a
practical ___________* setting through an
internship at (fill-in-the-blank).
* (business, legal, social services, etc.)


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