Strategic Plan Development For Social Media Template


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Strategic Plan Development for Social Media
• Background
o Why Social Media?
o What do we hope to accomplish by starting an account?
• Audience
o Who is our current audience? Who is our ideal customer? Who is our
potential audience? Begin by creating an audience persona.
• Goals
o What do we want social media to help us achieve? Be specific.
o What is the relationship between these goals and overall
college/department performance?
• Strategies & Tactics
o How can we and how will we use social media to help us reach goals?
• Goal: Increase pride, affiliation, and engagement
o Strategy: Use social media (name platforms) to simulate campus
experience for those who can’t be here
• Tactic: Create “A Day in the Life” video for Facebook &
• Goal: Increase visibility, status, and college/department prestige
o Strategy: Use social media to bring University news to a wider
audience that may not frequent our website
• Tactic: Post engaging news stories to Facebook & Twitter
• Tactic: Social our news by actively engaging with our audience
• Barriers
o What barriers stand in our way of reaching these goals and how will we
address these problems on an ongoing basis?
• Managing Risk
o Guidelines/governance on specific steps and actions to take in the event
of a mishap or crisis.
• Measuring Success
o Are our goals “SMART?” (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic,
o How will we measure our goals’ success? What baselines do we have and
are our goals too high or too low? Very important!
• Modify Strategy:
o How do we ensure that this is an ever-developing document that informs
our social media – and vice versa.


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