Social Media Contract For Kids Template


Social Media Contract for Kids
Setting Up
I will ask my parents’ permission before joining any social media site.
I will allow my parents to set my privacy settings and parental control settings on all of my accounts.
I will give my parents my passwords for all of my social media accounts.
I will NOT give my passwords to anyone other than my parents.
I will NOT change any of my passwords without my parents’ permission.
I will NOT set up any private or secret social media accounts.
I will NOT post or share: my name, age, address, school, interests, or other personal information, without my
parents’ permission.
I will NOT post or share photos of myself without my parents’ permission.
I will NOT post or share photos of my family or my friends without their permission.
I will NOT post or share offensive or inappropriate images, language, video, or other content.
I will NOT meet anyone in person who I have met through social media.
I will NOT engage in online bullying including leaving unkind comments on others’ posts or photos.
I will let my parents know if I am the victim of online bullying.
I will meet academic standards set by my parents.
I will follow my parents’ rules regarding time limits for online use
I understand that the posting of certain types of photos and information on social media sites is punishable by law.
I understand that I risk the following consequences for violating any of the above:
I, _______________________________________, agree to the above conditions for using social media. I also understand
that my parents are setting these conditions because they love me and want to keep me safe.
Signature / Date: ___________________________________________________________________


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