Sample Letter Welcoming New Member To The Board


Sample letter welcoming new member to the Board
Dear New Member,
We are very pleased to welcome you to the Board of Directors of the Sault Area Hospital. We
anticipate that your skills and experience will be an asset to our Board and we look forward to working
with you in the near future.
The first meeting of our regular Board cycle will take place on September _ 20__ and you will receive
a package of information approximately one week in advance of the meeting.
Before that occurs we will be in touch to arrange a tour of the hospital as well as a meeting with the
CEO and Board Chair. You will also be given a package of orientation information to review. We
strongly value ongoing education and development of Board members and expect new members to
attend orientation sessions as well as other training and retreats that are planned through the year.
We enclose 2 copies of the Board and Committee Member Acknowledgment with accompanying
documents for your review. Please sign and return one of the Acknowledgments and retain the other
for your information.
We thank you for your willingness to serve our hospital.
Yours Sincerely
Governance Committee


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