Sample Letter For Funding Application To Trusts/charities


Sample Letter For Funding Application To Trusts /
Before & During Your Course
UK Charity
44 University Street
22 Any Road
Oldfield Park
Any Town
Tel: 01225 111 1111
Dear Sir/Madam,
Re: Application for Trust or Charity
Personal information
Begin with your name and the fund that you are applying for. Then give additional
details such as your age, nationality, marital status, dependants, course of study and
duration of the course.
Explain why you are applying
Detail the reasons why you are applying and the factors that have led to your shortfall in
funding. Give a clear explanation of your financial circumstances.
Explain how you meet the criteria of the charity/trust (if applicable)
Some charities may only finance people from a particular part of the country, others may
assist students on certain courses and some charities may specifically fund international
students. You must therefore examine the criteria and clearly explain how you satisfy it.
How you are dealing with your situation
Explain what actions you have taken to deal with your financial shortfall, such as taking
up employment, careful budgeting, consultation with a financial advisor (e.g at the ARC
or your bank).
It is important that you show that you have tried to resolve the problem before
applying for additional support.
Explain how the fund will help you
Explain how you will use the funding to enable you to complete your degree. Clarify the
long-term benefits that it will have for you and finish by pointing out that you will be
grateful for any assistance that the organisation can provide.
Yours sincerely,
Any Student


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