Sd Eform 1791 V3 - Notice Of Abandoned Motor Vehicle

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SD EForm - 1791
Notice of Abandoned Motor Vehicle
NOTE: Criteria that must be met to Qualify for an abandoned motor vehicle title:
1) Vehicle must have been left without permission
Date: _______________________________________________
2) Vehicle must have been towed by a removal agency
3)Written notice by certified mail must be sent to the owner and lien holder, if
applicable within 45 days of removal of the vehicle
TO: (Registered Owner)
TO: (Lienholder) - If Applicable
FROM: (Removal Agency)
Model Year:
Serial No.:
License No.:
Telephone No.: (605) _________________________________
The vehicle noted above was found abandoned (check one)
Public Property
Private Property
at____________________________________________________________________________________ ,on __________________
and was towed to our lot on _______________________________ . A storage fee is being assessed at $____________________
per day, including a tow charge of $ ___________________________________________________. As of the date of this notice,
a total charge of $ ____________________________________ is due.
South Dakota state law (SDCL 32-36-9) states that the title to any abandoned or junk motor vehicle,
any wrecked vehicle, or any impounded vehicle, or other scrap metal shall vest in the removal
agency after a period of thirty (30) days from the date on which this notice was sent. The record
holder of title or the lienholder may reclaim the motor vehicle or other scrap metal. The lienholder
and record holder of title shall send written notification within thirty (30) days to the removal agency
noted above, and the Division of Motor Vehicles at 445 E. Capitol, Pierre, SD 57501-3100. If the
owner fails to claim and remove the vehicle within thirty (30) days after mailing of notice, title will be
issued to the removal agency.
I declare and affirm under the penalties of perjury that this information has been examined by me,
and to the best of my knowledge and belief, is in all things true and correct.
I hereby attest that this vehicle was towed from its abandoned location and that notice is being sent
to the registered owner of record and any lienholder(s) of record within the required forty-five (45)
day time frame. (see reverse side of form for specific instructions)
NOTE: When towed from private property, written permission from landowner must be submitted.
DISTRIBUTION: Original Copy — Registered Owner
Canary Copy — Division of Motor Vehicles
Pink Copy — Removal Agency
Authorized Representative for Removal Agency
Goldenrod Copy — Lienholder (If Applicable)
MV-300 (07/12)


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