Form Mta-5 - Estimated Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax Payment Voucher - 2013

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New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
Tips for Estimated Metropolitan Commuter
Transportation Mobility Tax
MCTMT return. If you enter a group identification number, this number
Did you know? You can pay your estimated metropolitan commuter
transportation mobility tax (MCTMT) electronically on our Web site with
must agree with the number used on the MCTMT group return.
a debit from your checking or savings account. Visit us on the Web at
• Name – Make sure that your name is spelled correctly. You should
to pay your estimated MCTMT electronically instead of
enter your first name, middle initial, then last name in the spaces
using Form MTA-5.
provided (for example, John O. Smith). Your name must agree with
For assistance, see Form MTA-5-I, Instructions for Form MTA-5,
the name on your MCTMT return. A partnership making a group
estimated MCTMT payment must enter the partnership’s name in the
Estimated Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax Payment
Taxpayer’s last name box.
• Foreign addresses – Enter the information in the following order:
To help us match your estimated MCTMT account to your MCTMT
city, province or state, and then country (all in the City, village, or post
return, and to avoid a delay in processing your return, please note the
office box). Follow the country’s practice for entering the postal code.
Do not abbreviate the country name.
• How to complete the payment voucher – Please follow these
• Married taxpayers – If both spouses owe the MCTMT, each spouse
guidelines. Use black ink only (no red or other color ink or pencils)
must establish a separate estimated MCTMT account.
to print or type all entries. Do not write in dollar signs, commas, or
decimal points when making entries. All necessary punctuation has
Do not combine any payment of estimated MCTMT with any payment
of estimated personal income tax. The addresses and due dates for
been printed on the form.
• Social security number/ group identification number – Make sure
MCTMT are different.
that the social security number used on your vouchers agrees with
Do not staple or clip the check or money order to the voucher. Please
the number on your social security card and the number used on your
detach any check stubs before mailing.
Need help?
Telephone assistance
Visit our Web site at
• get information and manage your taxes online
MCT Mobility Tax Information Center: (518) 485-2392
• check for new online services and features
To order MCTMT forms
(518) 485-2392
Text Telephone (TTY) Hotline (for persons with
Persons with disabilities: In compliance with the
hearing and speech disabilities using a TTY): If you
Americans with Disabilities Act, we will ensure
that our lobbies, offices, meeting rooms, and
have access to a TTY, contact us at (518) 485-5082.
If you do not own a TTY, check with independent
other facilities are accessible to persons with
living centers or community action programs to find
disabilities. If you have questions about special
out where machines are available for public use.
accommodations for persons with disabilities, call
the information center.
Detach here
New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
Estimated Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax
(for self-employed individuals, including partners)
Payment Voucher
Due dates for 2013: April 30, 2013; July 31, 2013; October 31, 2013; and January 31, 2014. Enter the estimated MCTMT payment below. Print your social security
number or group identification number and 2013 MTA-5 on your payment. Make payable to Commissioner of Taxation and Finance. Mail voucher and payment
to: MCTMT Processing Center, PO Box 4134, Binghamton NY 13902-4134.
Enter your 2-character special condition code
Social security number or group ID number
if applicable
( see instructions )
Taxpayer’s first name and middle initial
Taxpayer’s last name
Estimated MCTMT amount
Mailing address
Apartment number
(number and street or rural route; see instructions)
City, village, or post office
ZIP code
Taxpayer’s e-mail address
STOP: Pay this electronically on our
Web site at


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