Weather Quiz Template


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Date _________________
Directions: Read each sentence. Then circle the letter next to the answer that best
completes the sentence.
1. During a thunderstorm ____________ often happens.
a. rainbows
b. flurries
c. lightning
2. ____________ form over the ocean.
a. Hurricanes
b. Tornadoes
c. Droughts
3. A ____________ reaches down from a thunderstorm and can spin at 250 mph
or higher.
a. tornado
b. hurricane
c. typhoon
4. The record for the hottest weather in the United States in the twentieth century
was ____________ in Death Valley, California.
a. 115 degrees
b. 128 degrees
c. 134 degrees
5. A ____________ is a severe snowstorm when winds blow hard and it is difficult
to see.
a. blizzard
b. cyclone
c. tornado
6. One raindrop can be as large as ____________.
a. 1/8 inch
b. 1/4 inch
c. 1/2 inch
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