Form Tc-194 - Request For Redetermination Of County Board Of Equalization Decision

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Clear form
Before the Utah State Tax Commission
Rev. 9/13
Request for Redetermination of County Board of Equalization Decision
Owner/Taxpayer Information
Representative Information*
Owner/Taxpayer/Company name
Representative name
Mailing address
Mailing address
Daytime phone number
Fax number
Daytime phone number
Fax number
Email address
Email address
If applicable, I authorize the person at right as my representive
*The representative may complete, sign and submit this form to the County
to discuss and share information concerning this appeal with the Utah
Auditor if he or she has Power of Attorney (POA) on file with the county.
State Tax Commission.
The POA must be submitted to the Tax Commission prior to the mediation
or hearing.
If you need help with this form, contact the Tax Commission, Appeals Unit at 801-297-3904
Property Information
NOTE: You may use a single form for multiple parcels if they share the same ownership and are related parcels or involve related issues.
Parcel number: __ ___ ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Tax assessment year: ______ County: ________ __ __
Location or address of property:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ __ ___ ________________________ ___ __
Property Type: (check all boxes that apply)
 Single family residence
 Duplex or triplex
 Secondary residence (e.g. cabin)
 Apartment building (four or more units)
 Commercial
 Industrial
 Vacant land residential
 Vacant land commercial/industrial
 Agricultural/Greenbelt
 Personal property (specify):_________________________________________________
 Valuation
 Equalization to comparable properties
 Eligibility for exemption
 Misclassification
Primary reason for appeal:
If you are contesting the assessed value of the property, state your estimate of value: __________________ __ __ _
NOTE: If contesting the County Board of Equalization’s determination of fair market value, you must provide information to establish the fair market value
of your property on January 1 of the year you are appealing.
Requirements & Signature -
Check all boxes and sign
 I understand I must complete this form and file it with the County Auditor within 30 days after the date of the Board of Equalization
 I understand my appeal may be set for mediation and I will have the option to participate in mediation or proceed to a hearing.
____ Check here if you may want to participate is those proceedings by telephone.
 I understand if I proceed to a hearing I must provide information supporting my position to the county and to the Utah State Tax
Commission Appeals Unit 10 business days before the scheduled hearing and that notice of the scheduled hearing date with
addresses for the county and the Appeals Unit will be mailed to me. I further understand if my information is not provided as
directed, my information might not be accepted at the hearing.
Owner/Taxpayer name (print)
Below this line to be completed by the County Auditor
By submitting this form to the Tax Commission, I certify the County Board of Equalization (BOE) heard the owner/taxpayer’s appeal, the date of the BOE
decision provided below, and that the Request for Reconsideration was timely received in my office. I understand all documents required under Tax
Commission Administrative Rule R861-1A-9(2) must be submitted to the Tax Commission with this form. Please initial: _ __ __ _
Date of BOE decision
Original assessed value
Value determined by BOE
Original taxes due


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